AIJES – The Annual Israeli Symposium on Jet Engines and Gas Turbines


Identifying operational fundamentals of the complex jet engine and gas turbine configurations is an on-going research and development area, where the major challenges are associated with the strong coupling among a variety of disciplines such as: aerodynamics, heat transfer, aero-elasticity, structures, vibrations and rotor-dynamics, materials, and manufacturing. Along these lines, the ongoing scientific and technological innovations necessitate recurrent professional activities towards exchange of information and cross-pollination, creating a fertile seedbed for cooperation.

Addressing this need nationally for almost 20 years, the Annual Israeli Symposium on Jet Engines and Gas Turbines (AIJES) has been the main national forum devoted to the subject, fostering pre-existing scientific collaborations and promoting new ones. Hosted in the Aerospace Engineering Department of Technion-IIT, the symposium gathers each year around 150-200 scientists and propulsion engineers from academia, industry and various branches of the government.

The activities are typically distributed over a period of two days. The aim is to harmonize educational activities by offering an appropriate balance of new research and practical training in the priority areas of an ever-evolving sector. The first day is devoted to a highly focused turbomachinery workshop, which serves as a platform for world’s leading experts to share the current state of the art in a relevant technical discipline with the interested professionals. The second day is geared towards a broader audience base, with invited introductory lectures from large engine manufacturers and academy as well as presentations from the local industry and various government bodies. Across the combined and parallel sessions totaling to ~25 lectures, the discussed topics include cycle innovations, aerodynamics of turbo-machines, aero-acoustics, combustion, heat transfer, structures, vibrations and rotor-dynamics, numerical methods and simulation tools, multi-disciplinary optimization, controls, manufacturing processes, maintenance, and more. Each year, the best contributions are considered for publication in the archives of the International Journal of Turbo & Jet-Engines. The day is typically broken up with a festive lunch, providing networking opportunities for the attendees, as well as student poster presentations that expose the new batch of scholars in the field and their relevant research areas and a guided tour at the newly renovated Turbomachinery and Heat Transfer Laboratory. In addition to the technical sessions, the exposition area hosts more than 10 local gas turbine industry relevant suppliers, which present their latest products and showcase their services.

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Assoc. Prof. Beni Cukurel

Conference Chairman