Organizing Committee

The organizing committee includes the following members:

Assoc. Prof. Beni Cukurel - Technion
Beni Cukurel

Assoc. Prof. Beni Cukurel

Committee Chairman

B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, IN, USA, 2005, 2008 and 2012 respectively. Doctoral researcher at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Rhode-St-Genese, Belgium, 2008-2012. At the Technion since 2012.

Basic and Applied Heat Transfer:
Thermo-Acoustic Interaction, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Active Flow Control, Jet Impingement, Thermal Barrier Coatings.
Measurement Technique Development:
Infrared Thermography, Liquid Crystal Thermometry, Particle Image Velocimetry, Hotwire Anemometry, Laser Induced Fluorescence.
Gas Turbine Component Analysis:
Turbine Cooling and External Flows, Aero-Thermal Design of Gas Turbine Hot Gas Section, Axial and Radial Compressor/Turbine Aerodynamics.
Emeritus Prof. Yeshayahou Levy - Technion
Yeshayahou Levy

Emeritus Prof. Yeshayahou Levy

The founding father of the AIJES conferences. Served as a Chairman from 1998 until 2018.

Biographical Data

Israel, 1949. Married +5. B.Sc., Technion, 1974. M.Sc. Technion, 1977. Ph.D., DIC, Imperial College, London, U.K., 1981. At Technion since 1981. Emeritus Professor since 2017.

Main Research Interests

Propulsion (turbo-jets, turbo shaft and ramjet engine), Gas (power) turbine, Pressurized fluidized bed combustion for gas turbine operation, Atomization of liquid fuels, Combustion of liquid sprays, Low NOx combustion, Optical diagnostics in fluid mechanics and combustion systems, Blood flow.

Served as the chairman of the  AIJES 1998-2017

Mr. Emanuel Zvi Liban - AEAI; EDMATEC
Emanuel Liban

Mr. Emanuel Zvi Liban

Biographical Data

Emanuel is deeply involved with R&D of Advanced Propulsion Systems for Aviation (over 50 years).

Emanuel has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion and a Master’s degree in engineering from the National High School of Engineering in Paris – ENSA.

He began his engineering career as a R&D engineer at the French Engine Company SNECMA. After his return to Israel in 1965, Emanuel served in a long series of engineering and management positions in the IAI – Israel Aircraft Industries, led the development of centers of knowledge of Jet Propulsion at Beit Shemesh Engines and of Vankel engines at Savkal. During this time, he also won three Kaplan awards. He has also served as a member and Chairman of the boards of directors of aviation companies in the United States, France and Israel.

For the last 25 years, Emanuel deals intensively with development of technological building blocks in the field of propulsion systems, and participates in many projects aimed at developing knowledge and capabilities and promoting knowledge-centers in academia, Israeli industry and the MOD.

Emanuel devoted a lot of time to education: co-founded the “Noar le-Noar” youth movement, served as a lecturer at the Technion, founder of the Tribology Association, a professional volunteer teacher at Yehud High School and mentor of dozens of engineers and technicians.

Emmanuel serves voluntarily as President of the Chamber of Engineers and Architects in Israel, and before that for about 24 years as Chairman of the Association of Mechanical and Aviation Engineers in the AEAI – The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel.

He participated as an organizer and lecturer in dozens of conferences in the field of engineering in general and propulsion systems in particular, and he is justifiably considered a national expert in these fields.

Emanuel received Honorary Doctorate by the Technion in 2017, in recognition of his many years of activity in promoting the aviation industry in Israel, his pioneering role in the production of jet and piston engines and in promoting Israel’s economic and security resilience; and in gratitude for his involvement in educating future generations of mechanical engineers in Israel.

Mr. Yitzhak (Itche) Hochmann - EDMATECH
יצחק הוכמן

Mr. Yitzhak (itche) Hochmann

Biographical Data

Yitzhak Hochmann holds a bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in mechanical engineering from the Technion (1979), a master’s degree (cum laude) in political science from the University of Haifa (2000) and a graduate of the Israel National Defense College.

Served for about 30 years in the IDF’s Ordnance Corps Technological Units in a variety of engineering and management positions, most of them in the field of development and T&E, and in the last decade have collaborated with Emanuel Liban in developing knowledge centers and technological building blocks in the field of propulsion systems.

Yitzhak chaired the 31st Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME2010, Tel Aviv), and was a member of the organizing committees of the 33, 34 and 35 ICME conferences and of the annual conferences held at the Technion in the field of jet propulsion (AIJES) and in the field of UAV propulsion (PTUAV).

Serves as a member of the advisory committee for the “Brakim” program in the IDF and “Zirmey Silon” program at the Technion

Dr. Amiram Leitner - Rafael

Dr. Amiram Leitner

Chief Research Engineer

R&D and Engineering Center

Manor Div.

Rafael, Israel

Dr. Moshe Shapira - BSEL
משה שפירא

Dr. Moshe Shapira

Biographical Data

Dr. Moshe Shapira serves as VP of R&D and Engineering at Bet Shemesh Engines (BSEL). Dr. Shapira joined BSEL in 2005, bringing more than 30 years of experience in research and R&D management to his role.

Prior to joining BSEL Dr. Shapira served in leading roles at a major government institute and held several challenging positions relating to the development and integration of high technology projects including ballistics and explosion systems, space thrusters, high energy and high current systems, laser systems X-Rays and many others.

Dr. Shapira has held various positions of Visiting Professor, research fellowship and lecturer at highly esteemed institution in Israel and abroad.

Dr. Shapira holds D.Sc., M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Summa Cum Laude for his bachelor studies). Dr. Shapira also holds an M.A. in Law from Bar Ilan University and MBA from Ono College.

Representative of the Ministry of Defense
Representative of the Israeli Air Force
Representative of the IAI